Enrolment to the offered programmes can be performed:

  • directly by telephone at the contact numbers listed  in the DEPARTMENT STAFF section;
  • on-line by completing the enrolment form.

The documents necessary for programme enrolment:

  1. ID card (in original and uncertified copy).
  2. Degree certificate (in original and uncertified copy).
  3. Recommendation letter from the current employer (for those who enrol in additional qualification / professional retraining programmes).
  4. Name change certificate and an uncertified copy (if necessary).
  5. Programme enrolment form (to be completed when documents are submitted).

Programme enrolment forms:

  • Continuing training courses for teaching staff of 300 hours (10 credits) (programme enrolment form can be found  here).
  • Continuing professional training courses for higher education staff (programme enrolment form can be found here)
  • Thematic workshops for general education staff (programme enrolment form can be found here).

Dear Colleagues!

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