Str. Al. Mateevici, 60, bloc de studii nr. 4, biroul 129

Telefon: +373 67 560 071


      The Image and Public Relations Service of Moldova State University is part of the Social Department and subordinate to the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. The service is run by the Head of the Service and it has the mission to inform about the programs and the events that take place within Moldova State University.

The MSU Image and Public Relations Service has the following tasks:

  • promotes the Moldova State University image in local and foreign press, as appropriate;
  • proposes and is responsible for the communication and promotion strategy of the institution having also the responsibility to implement the communication – information mechanism;
  • ensures the spreading of press releases, interviews and other information of public interest;
  • prepares and ensures the immediate press presentation of the information regarding the most important events in the MSU life and activity;
  • manages the relations with the media, monitors the presentation of MSU activity by the audiovisual and written press;
  • identifies topics of interest within the institution, develops and sends announcements, invitations, press releases;
  • ensures the access of journalists to the activities and actions of public interest organized by the institution;
  • provides the protocol materials for the country or abroad delegations visits, as well as the necessary props for the manifestations within the institution (maps, diplomas, greetings, albums, etc.);
  • in a body with the Planning Directorate, proposes and ensures the needed budget for supporting various programs, trips, promotion and image activities, as well as the administration of the financial records regarding the promotion of the actions taken;
  • based on the information presented by the university subdivisions, the service develops, writes and distributes MSU promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.);
  • writes the MSU Newsletter in electronic format;
  • in collaboration with the faculties, departments and other MSU subdivisions, ensures the publication of informative materials on the university’s website;
  • manages the MSU accounts on social networks;
  • takes photos at MSU events and archives them, as well;
  • ensures the distribution of image materials in electronic format


The MSU Image and Public Relations Service has the following structure:

  • The Image and Public Relations section;
  • Protocol section.


Head of Service: Elena Junghietu

Superior specialist: Viorica Pistrui

Specialist: Olesea Moiseev

Specialist: Ana Cereteu

Programming engineer: Anton Chiseliov

Photographer: Ion Gheorghiță