One of the most important values of the Moldova State University is its distinct identity, which corresponds to the axiological fundamentals that underlie the MSU activity. Therefore the University’s coat of arms and flag have been developed.


The distinctive color of the Moldova State University is green. In heraldry green is the color of destiny and health, freshness and youth, beauty and joy. There is a star with five rays between aurochs’s horns, a five-petal flower (sun) on the left of a moon in a crescent phase. All these elements reproduce the historical coat of arms of Moldova. This old blazon shown on the coat of arms of the MSU underlines three facets of the institution:

  • MSU – state university of Moldova
  • MSU – state university
  • MSU – national level university

The second element of the coat of arms consists of three books that accompany the Moldavian blazon. The book is a universal symbol of science and wisdom; it is a traditional emblem of the majority of armorial bearings of educational institutions. The closed book is an old heraldic symbol, traditional with an evident allusion to the Bible. The presence of three books on the coat of arms symbolizes the preparation of the specialists at the MSU in three areas: exact sciences, natural sciences and human sciences. The shield is crowned with a mortarboard – one of the insignia of the teaching profession. The slogan “VITAE DISCIMUS” (learning for life) expresses the belief of academic staff and alumni of the MSU. Cei mai mulți jucători, la fel ca toți ceilalți utilizatori de internet, urăște să semneze în sus sau pentru a scrie informații personale.


The flag has a white background. There is the University emblem in the center of the flag. The white color of the cloth of the flag is the white paper where knowledge is fixed to be perpetuated. At the same time heraldic white or silver means cleanliness, innocence and wisdom.

Read the detailed description of the heraldic emblem and flag of the Moldova State University (link to file pdf)