The mission of the Moldova State University is:

  • training of highly qualified professionals for the national economy, able to work effectively in changing conditions of life and market economy;
  • organization and development of basic and applied scientific research aimed at solving current socio-economic problems and implementing of the technology transfer of the university research results .

The Moldova State University offers the following objectives:

  • Academic training in various fields, development of necessary skills for socio-professional integration.
  • Development of scientific potential in training specialists; development and promotion of ideas, theories, scientific concepts through scientific activities generated by academic staff and students.
  • Promotion of human and national axiological values/principles; educating ethic and civil profile of studious youth.
  • Quality assurance in higher education and in provided educational services..
  • Participation in elaboration of educational strategies and policies and their implementation in higher education.
  • Integration into European higher education and research.