Academic Studies



Faculties are basic functional units of the Moldova State Univerisity and comprise one or more fields of professional development.


Bachelor Studies (Romanian equivalent “Studii de Licenta”) are the first level of university education. In accordance withBolognadeclaration Process, one academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS-credits that are equivalent to 1,500-1,800 hours of study.

Master’s degree

Master’s degree studies are the second stage of university studies. They provide higher qualification for employment or prepare for doctoral studies. Thus, the master programmes are of two types: research-based and professional-based programmes.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral study programs represent superior cycle of the university studies, the purposefulness of this cycle is advancement through original scientific research.

Academic calendar

The academic year begins on September, 1 and finishes until the July, 1. It consists of 2 semesters. The duration of the academic year is 30 weeks that are equally devided in 2 semesters.

Continuing education

Continuing education is a priority direction of the educational policies in the Republic of Moldova. At the Moldova State University, together with the strategic milestones of the university development such as research, innovation, and training, continuing education became a significant achievement in the modernization of the educational system.


The enrollment is organized at educational institutions, according to the field of specialization.


Regulations are general documents that assure the eficient work and developement of university activities.

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