Foreword by the Rector

For all that in the beginning there was the Word, the reflection of the events that occur in the society is not sufficient through words. Perhaps the most frequently spoken word last years was the word change: change of mentality, attitude change, change in concepts, change of management, and change of generations.


About the Moldova State University

The Moldova State University was founded on October 1, 1946 as the State University of Chisinau. Its creation was a milestone for the development, strengthening and consolidation of the higher education of the country.


The mission of the Moldova State University is training of highly qualified professionals for the national economy, able to work effectively in changing conditions of life and market economy…

University Identity

One of the most important values of the Moldova State University is its distinct identity, which corresponds to the axiological fundamentals that underlie the MSU activity. Therefore the University’s coat of arms and flag have been developed.